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The path to a fulfilling life in retirement is a process of reimagination

RQ Assessment

The RQ Assessment is a landmark approach to measuring personal retirement readiness and will inform our process of retirement planning, decision-making, and transitioning from full-time work. It is 56 questions long and can take 15-20 minutes to complete. It scores you in several areas:

  • Your perceptions about the retirement transition

  • The significance of your work life's impact on your move into retirement

  • The relationship between your assumptions and beliefs about retirement with your personal style, behavior, and personality


Each section is scored and combined into an overall RQ score. The program will generate a detailed and personalized 15-page report that I will send you.  Then we will schedule a time to go over and discuss the results together.  This follow-up discussion is actually the most important part of the process because the true value in any tool like this is how we use it to design subsequent coaching.

man completing RQ Assessment

Your Purpose

What has worked so far

Looking Back/ Imagining Forward

Path To Purpose 

Looking Back/Visioning Forward

It is important to examine when, in your life experience to date, your self-esteem has felt at its best and what exactly was the source. Understanding this is critical as you map out experiences in your future that we want to be similarly uplifting.  You'll use an exercise called "Life Line" to reflect on each ten-year increment of your life and note which events/experiences generated positive self-esteem.  We'll look for themes.


You’ll capture the most useful insights to use in the next steps.

What’s Worked for You So Far

You'll dive into a framework developed by Dr. Martin Seligman called PERMA, which identifies five aspects of positive psychology: Positive Emotions, Engagement. Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishments.  We will work together to think through your sources of each now and in retirement.


We also will look at the Ikigai philosophy, a Japanese concept of purpose and happiness.  You'll complete an exercise on the implications of Ikigai for you.

Your Purpose Statement

The work in your self-reflection modules will lead you to grapple with your act as a guidepost for what your retirement life should provide.  Actually writing the statement in words is key.


Your Dynamic Portfolio

Your Plan:

Let's Go!

From Purpose to Plan

Your New Portfolio

Your purpose will be a guide for ways to spend your time in retirement. What is your vision of a perfect day in retirement? A perfect week? What are you curious about potentially pursuing with your newly available time? What rises to the top of your curious list? What will it take for you to pursue some of them? You’ll assess how you use your time now, and in 5 years, and in 10 years. You’ll get excited about what your life it going to be like!


Every study of happiness in every culture points to the quality of relationships as the key ingredient. With your move away from work relationships and with potential relocation by you or your friends, your network of relationships will change. You will take inventory of your relationships and decide your priorities for cultivating and extending them, as well as where and how to make new ones. You’ll capture the most useful insights to use in the next steps.

Your Plan

Finally, we’ll create an action plan for what you want to have, to do, and to be in retirement...and what resources you'll need to get there.  We’ll get you going on your next steps.

Couple Retirement Coaching

Couples Coaching

Whether you and your significant other are on the same timeline for retirement or not, your expectations, hopes, and concerns for this life stage deeply affect each other. We will use an assessment tool to get at each of your starting mindsets and shed light on the similarities and differences. Then we’ll go through the Path to Purpose and Purpose to Plan process individually and compare insights together. The goal is not the same plan, rather it is alignment where it matters, with acceptance and respect for each of your individual aspirations.

Contact me with any other questions.

  • Why use a retirement coach?
    Transitioning from full time work into retirement is going from the known to the unknown. A retirement coach is by your side as you reimagine new possibilities. Most importantly, a coach brings proven techniques, exercises, and constructive questions to your thinking process so you are more likely, and more quickly, to settle on plans that will make you happy.
  • How long will the process take?
    Each client’s situation is different. However, the best results come from moving through 4-6 sessions with two weeks in between each session for homework and reflection.
  • Can I do some parts of the curriculum and not others?
    The Resonance Retirement Coaching Curriculum is based on understanding your past as a basis for designing your future. So we recommend each of the Path to Purpose and Purpose to Plan be experienced in that order. Individual session can be changed or added to focus more time on specific interests or priorities you want to explore more deeply.
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