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Paul Kadin, Certified Professional Retirement Coach


Resonance Retirement Coaching

"I get excited as my clients resolve their purpose and acknowledge their passions and realize these are there for the taking in retirement."
-Paul Kadin, Certified Professional Retirement Coach

Paul Kadin

I've Walked in Your Shoes

Certified Professional Retirement Coach

I started Resonance Retirement Coaching because of what I experienced in my own transition out of full-time work, after a 45+ year career in the consumer products and financial service industries. I advanced to senior executive roles and devoted a lot of my existence to my career. It was so disorienting to lose the routine, the day-to-day relationships, the intellectual challenges, the feeling of being on a team, and the self-esteem from accomplishments and recognition. I came to realize just how central work was in my life,

emotionally. Leaving it fully behind without being clear where I was headed next was scary. So, I invested a great deal of self-reflection into exactly where and how my work made me feel happy. I used the insight to develop a statement of my purpose, as a guide for choosing passions to pursue and relationships to cultivate.


Coaching others aligned with my purpose, so I trained to become a Certified Professional Retirement Coach, which gives me access to the best practices and proven toolkit for advising clients. Using my expertise and hands-on experience, I developed the Resonance Retirement Coaching Curriculum. The multi-module curriculum builds on the work of thought leaders in the field, content from my Certified Professional Retirement Coach training, and many tried and true exercises that help crystallize personal insight. Resonance Retirement Coaching Curriculum is action oriented, so you come out of the process with a plan. 


Working through my curriculum will increase the likelihood for happiness and fulfillment in what can be the best time of your life.

Contact me if you have questions about our retirement coaching services.

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