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Couple thinking about non-financial retirement planning


Transition from your career to a purpose driven retirement life plan, with help from our Resonance Retirement Coaching Program.

How Will You Use Your Newfound Freedom?

Working Together on Self-Reflection, to Unlock Your Purpose and Passions, and Build a Plan for a Fulfilling Life After Full Time Work

Your work hopefully gives you a sense of accomplishment. It certainly provides you with a daily routine. After retirement, you’ll need new sources of self-esteem and accomplishment. Your new routine deserves to be fulfilling. This can happen with a thoughtful individualized plan, grounded in your purpose, devoting time to your passions, and investing in your most important relationships. A professional retirement coach can get you there, as your guide and advisor, so your retirement choices are centered on what will make you happy.

A recent AARP study shows that on average 42% of Americans do not feel prepared for retirement. Even worse, multiple research studies have shown that as many as one-third of retirees become depressed as they transition out of full-time work. 

Losing identity and routine from work leaves one rudderless. You need a new portfolio of activities that replaces the void. You don’t need to stumble through this transition. And if you are already retired and don’t feel life is as fulfilling as you want, an organized approach to reimagining your retirement will pay immediate benefits. As an experienced career person, you respect the value of planning. Being planful about this last stage of life is no less important than the effort you put into your education, your family, and your career.


If you are 3-5 years out from retirement or now living in retirement, take the proactive step to define your new purpose, identify passions, cultivate relationships, and build your own plan with a proven process from Resonance Retirement Coaching at your side. 

Paul Kadin Certified Professional Retirement Coach

Let’s Work Together

The prospect of retirement is exciting, but the transition from work may feel disorienting. You don’t have to navigate this change on your own.

As a certified professional retirement coach, I help individuals and couples who are either approaching retirement or are early into their retirement to fulfill their life-long dreams using my Resonance Retirement Coaching Curriculum. I’m ready to help you create the life you dream of, and deserve, in retirement.

Retirement Coach

Paul Kadin, Certified Professional Retirement Coach


Go from disoriented to purposeful by progressing through three steps

Your Plan:

Let's Go!


Your Dynamic Portfolio

Retirement Attitudes and Readiness Assessment

Your Purpose

What has worked so far

Looking Back/ Imagining Forward

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Retirement Readiness Assessment

Path to Purpose

Purpose to Plan

Get an objective read on your assumptions and expectations for retirement vs. the realities of this life stage.

Reflect on what has worked for your self-esteem in your life so far so it can be a guide for how to find self-esteem in your future. Develop your personal purpose statement.

With purpose as your north star, decide how you will actually use your time, where will you invest in relationships, and what goals and actions are you ready to take on.


RQ Assessment

Path to Purpose Coaching

Purpose to Plan Coaching

Couples Coaching

“The exercises have been very good. While I usually find this sort of introspection overwhelming and a little vague, the simplicity and straightforwardness of the exercises has made it easier to think through the issues. Paul has been good about repeating what he's heard me say and has pulled out insights I wouldn't have discovered otherwise.”

Helayna M.

“Paul is very professional and organized. He deploys well-accepted tools, and uses an engaging and warm approach that creates a healthy atmosphere for dialogue.”

Sam J.

“The value is in the journey, the thought process, and just engaging in the questions. Whether the tools are great or not for each individual, the discipline of focusing on the questions and doing some work every couple of weeks is useful. I expected an epiphany to come out of this but realize it's just the process of crystallizing what I already had in my head.”

Terry S.

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